Simon Ammann: Swiss Ski Jumper Wins Olympic Gold Medal!

February 20, 2010

Simon Ammann, congratulations! The Swiss ski jumper wins Olympic gold medal, the first of the Vancouver Games. Read more about the story plus see photos and video here.

Simon Ammann

The Swiss ski jumper wins the very first gold medal of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. This is his third Olympic gold medal. He previously won two gold medals at the 2002 Salt Lake City games in the individual normal and large hill events.

****UPDATE 2/20/10****
Congratulations go out to Simon Ammann again! It is the second gold medal of these Winter Games for Ammann, reigning victorious in the Individual large hill ski jump competition. His win is marred by controversy though because of his modified boot bindings, which apparently allows Ammann to become more aerodynamic while in the air. It was not an issue for the FIS (International Ski Federation), as they deemed that the bindings were legal. So guess what, Austria (who may protest) – get over it!

His gold medal win proved historic as he now becomes the first jumper to win Olympic gold medals in four individual events. He did the same feat (two golds in the Individual normal and large hill events) during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

…And now back to the original post:

Whistler Olympic Park was the scene of his gold medal performance, and took the lead after jumping 105 meters on his first try. Jump number two was measured at 108 meters, thus giving him a score of 276.5 points in the normal hill event.

Of his gold medal win, he said:

“I have no words to describe the situation. It’s crazy, I tried so hard and I focused so much on my competitions here. But everyone here is at their best.”

Rounding out the medal winners – Adam Malysz of Poland won the silver medal, while Austria’s Gregor Schlierenzauer took the bronze, in his first Olympic appearance.

As a biography, here is what we know about Simon Ammann. The Swiss ski jumper is a native of Switzerland and is 28 years of age. His first appearance on the competitive level was during the ’97-’98 season when he was just 16 years old. He would later make appearances at the Nagano Olympic Games and as mentioned above, the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, where he was the recipient of two gold medals in the normal and large individual events. Unfortunately for Ammann, the 2006 Olympic Games was a disappointment, after winning no medals.

In addition to his Olympic accolades, he won a gold and silver at the 2007 Sapporo World Championships in the individual large and normal hill events, respectively. In 2009, he was awarded with the bronze medal in the individual normal hill event at the Liberec World Championships.

Our congratulations go out to Simon Ammann! With the distinction of becoming the first Olympic Gold Medal winner of the Vancouver games, the Swiss ski jumper no doubt has many reasons to celebrate. Check out more pictures plus a video below. We’ll have his gold medal winning jump video up when it becomes available, so check back often!

Simon Ammann

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