Gisele Bundchen For Colcci (Photos and Video)

January 9, 2008

Check out Tom Brady’s girlfriend, supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She did the runway thing last night in her native country for fashion house Colcci. You can see more photos and video of Gisele rockin’ some Brazilian fashion below.

There’s only one outfit that I think Gisele looks smokin’ hot in, and it’s the one where she’s wearing the jacket, skin tight jeans and lace up boots. Niiice. The other outfits she donned? Um, who knew gold lame was still in? And what the heck was the the deal with the dress that looks like a freakin’ papasan chair? I’m certainly not one who has the best fashion sense, but come on…I don’t even think Tom Brady would do her in that outfit…um, wait a minute…yeah, I think he would. Heh heh.

More photos and a video of Gisele Bundchen for Colcci are below.

Check out more photos of Gisele Bundchen for Colcci here.

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