Kerrigan Brother Has Nancy’s Support

February 12, 2010

Mark Kerrigan, brother of Nancy Kerrigan, has the full support of his sister following the recent ruling by a state medical examiner surrounding her father’s death. She vows to help her brother contest the cause of Dan Kerrigan’s death as a ‘homicide’. Read more about the story plus see photos and video below.

Mark Kerrigan

Mark Kerrigan fought with his father, Dan Kerrigan, on January 24th. Police reports claim that the Kerrigan brother “struggled with his father and put his hands around his father’s neck and his father fell to the floor”. The elder Kerrigan later died that same day.

Mark was charged with “assault and battery on an elderly person”. He may now face additional charges because of the medical examiner’s ruling. According to Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr., Middlesex District Attorney:

“The Medical Examiner determined that the cause of death was cardiac dysrhythmia following a physical altercation with neck compression causing injury to the neck in the form of a cartilage fracture to the larynx area, in a person with hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular heart disease,” Leone said in the statement.

Nancy Kerrigan, released a letter yesterday, in which she expressed thanks and support she has received from friends and even fans. You can see the full letter here. Here is an excerpt:

“And it isn’t over yet, particularly with the ruling this week about the cause of my dad’s death; a ruling, by the way, which we think was unjustified and which we plan to help my brother fight.”

The family has maintained all along that Dan Kerrigan had a “pre-existing heart condition”.

Mark Kerrigan is currently being examined at a mental hospital, after he was arrested and charged.

Nancy, who is set to provide coverage of the Olympics for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, told TI, “We’re standing behind him and I think that says a lot.”

See photos and a related video to the story below.

Nancy Kerrigan Mark Kerrigan Nancy Kerrigan

Photos: Nikki Nelson/ WENN, Fabrizio Picco/WENN, Bizu/,

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