Cindy Klassen: Canadian Olympic Speed Skater

February 13, 2010

Returning Olympic speed skater, Canadian Cindy Klassen is again headed to the winter games in her home country. She has had a bit of a trying couple years, but said she was always going to make a third appearance in the Olympics.

Cindy Klassen

After not making the 1998 women’s hockey team, this athlete switched to speed skating where she has had quite a career. She won the most medals of any Canadian in one Olympics at the games in Turin. Then she had to take some time off for injuries and personal reasons. Continue to read more about her dramatic biography, including a video.

At age 30, Cindy Klassen, the native of Winnipeg, is coming into the winter games as a long shot, but is still confident. Since the last games, her sister was in a near fatal crash and she has had surgery on both knees. At this point many would probably call their time a success and walk away, but not this tough girl.

“It was never a question in my mind, I just felt like this is where God wanted me to be,” says Klassen. “I was just going to lean on Him during this whole time and do the best that I can. I didn’t know if that meant getting back to the Games or not, but I knew I was supposed to be here and give it my best shot to try and get back.”

She cut back and has tried to alter her style to compensate for her injuries. She described her situation back in October:

“Sometimes, you have worries creep in,” she said. “But all I know that I can do is put my best into everything I do, my recovery, my training, everything that I can do. That’s what I thought about Olympic year before 2006 is, `I try my best in everything I do and that’s all I can do.’”

Though she thought recovery would be quicker, she is back! She is considered to be an underdog, but I think her pride is just fine as she has already overcome so much just to get there. Go Cindy Klassen!

Watch this video about her Olympic journey!

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