Elena Hight: U.S Olympic Snowboarder

February 11, 2010

Elena Hight is our U.S Olympic Snowboarder, the youngest on the Snowboarding team who will hit the slopes at the Winter Olympics. What do you know about her? Where did she start snowboarding? Keep reading to know more about Elena, plus check out the photos and video below.


Although Elena might have been a great surfer her parents decided to change the tropical warm weather of Hawaii to the cool weather of Lake Tahoe, but before that they spent some time in Idaho, where Elena was taught by her father how to snowboard, all this when she was just six years old. Elena grew up watching gymnastics, and decided to give it a try until she saw the Winter Olympics by chance and felt like a whole new world was waiting for her, as you know the rest is history.

"Seeing that really just made me want to go to the Olympics so bad and do what she did," She recalls.

Elena was born in Kauai, Hawaii on August 17, 1989. After her dad (Mike Hight) taught and gave her a few lessons it only took a couple of years for her to start competing. At age eight she hit the local competitions and she competed at her first World Cup in the 2005 World Cup in Switzerland where she ended 12th, second in the Vans Cup and 19th in the FIS Snowboarding World Championships in British Columbia. In Turin, Italy at the 2006 Winter Olympics she landed 6th in the halfpipe. The next year she returned to the Vans Cup where she won first place and second at the Mount Bachelor Grand Prix. In 2009 she finished third at La Molina World Cup in Spain. She was second at the 2010 Winter Dew Tour in Utah and in January 2010 she won her ticket to the Winter Olympics with the U.S Olympic team. Among her fellow Olympic teammates are close friends like Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler, whom she considers not just her friends, but family. A great plus is the fact that her snowboarder boyfriend Greg Bretz is with her, the couple have been dating since last April.

Don’t miss the incredible performances of Elena Hight, U.S Olympic Snowboarder, we guarantee they are going to blow your mind. For a moment take a look at some photos and video below.

Winter Olympics Photo 1

Elena Hight Video

Photos:Wikipedia.org/ Acarpentier, WENN, www.WENN.com.

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