Erin Hamlin: U.S. Olympic Luger

February 11, 2010

Erin Hamlin is an Olympic Luger, and regarded as the United States’ best hope for gold in luging in the Winter Olympics this year. Beginning on Friday the 12th of February, the competition is stacked for this highly anticipated event. Check out more of Erin’s biography and video below!

At age 23, Erin is practically the child prodigy of this year’s Olympics. With her birthday not coming until November 19th, this athlete is a relative youth in the sport but has already made huge strides in her field. Read more below!

Born in Remsen, NY, Erin makes her home in Lake Placid and has been competing in luge events since she was 18. It wasn’t until last year though that Erin made a splash by winning the 2009 Luge World Championships. It was the first time since 1997 (97 world championships) that any non-German woman had won the event. In fact, the Germans had become such a dominant force in the luge that it was said that the real winner in any event was the first non-German to finish! Tired of the quip, Erin told the LA Times,

“Yeah, it gets old. We improve every year, but we still have a place to look up to.”

Erin also placed third 3 times this season in the same competition, making her the only non-German to reach the podium.

In the winter Olympics, her only goal is to break into the top three again. Taking baby-steps to break the German’s stronghold on the sport.

“Even though I won worlds and have much more attention on me, the Germans are still the ones to beat,” says Hamlin.

The USA coach says she is improving every day, and sounds optimistic on her chances in Vancouver this year.

“She keeps improving her sliding skills race by race. I also like how she attacks on race day. She has a winning mentality.”

Best of luck to this young US hopeful! Check out this video below!

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