Kim Yu-Na: Korean Olympic Figure Skater

February 25, 2010

There’s no doubt that Korean Olympic Figure Skater, Kim Yu-Na is the gold medal favorite at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver! This beautiful young lady is set to represent Korea and maybe to break some records at the event. Find out more!

Kim Yu Na Korean Figure Skater

****UPDATE 2/25/10****
It really comes as no surprise that Ki Yu-Na of South Korea took home the Figure Skating Gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She had an incredible record breaking score of 228.56, which coincidentally bested her previous record by 18 points. Japan’s Mao Asada took home the silver medal, with a final score of 205.50, and Canada’s own Joannie Rochette, who skated through heartbreak after losing her mother just this past Sunday, took the bronze, with a score of 202.64.

Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yu-Na was born in Gyounggi-Do on September 5, 1990. Kim first got into skating at 5, was 12 years old when she won gold in her first international competition at the Triglav Trophy in 2002. And it was just the beginning.

When Yu-Na was 15 years old, she made history as “the first figure skater from Korea to win an ISU championship”, she won a silver medal at the 2005 World Junior Championships. She left Korea in 2006 and moved to Canada to train with coach Brian Orser – who is an Olympic silver medalist. She also won the 2006 World Junior Championships and landed in the third position at the 2007 World Championship.

In 2008, Kim suffered a back injury and missed the 2008 Four Continents Championships. In 2009, Yu-Na broke the 200-point barrier under the IJS and took the title of 2009 Four Continents Champion. OMG!! Incredible, isn’t it?

Kim is a champion, literally. She’s also a big STAR! The 20 year-old ‘Queen Yu-Na’ is a famous singer and celebrity, you can see her face everywhere in South Korea, she’s the image of multiple products, cosmetics, cars and appliances in her natal country. She has two bodyguards, they care for her because everybody knows who she is and recognizes her when she’s traveling. She admits it’s awkward sometimes for her family. She is also the 2009 number one celebrity in South Korea, according to Forbes Korea and the 2009 Korea Times’ Person of the year.

The 20 year old Korean Figure skater Kim Yu-Na is famous for her amazing and beautiful programs, spectacular skating skills, high jumps… Her performances are unbelievable, she can express emotions and look so graceful and elegant. When you see Yu-Na on the ice your jaw just drops… you can’t stop watching her over and over again. She’s just the best! She’s so good that she broke her own records. During an interview a couple of years ago, she admitted she would love to win the gold in the 2010 Winter Games, but “she takes each event as it comes.” She says she does her best every time she competes, she’s not focused on results. That’s why she’s the Queen Yu-Na! Surely she’s going to impress the crowd with her amazing programs.

Kim YuNa 2009 Worlds SP

Photos: W. Carmichael

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