Shelley Rudman: British Olympic Skeleton Racer

February 10, 2010

Meet Shelley Rudman, she is British Olympic Skeleton racer and could be the next Gold medalist in 2010’s Vancouver Olympic Games. Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video here.

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As a biography, Shelly Rudman was born in Swindon, Great Britain on March 23, 1981 so her age is 28. She is 5’6″ weighing in at 122 pounds. She currently resides in Sheffield, Great Britain. Her two-time World Cup champion boyfriend, Kristan Bromley, and the British Olympic Skeleton racer welcomed a baby girl, Ella Marie, in October of 2007. Regarding the challenges with balancing motherhood and training, she says, “It’s all about the planning.”

She returned to the ice after taking an 18 month break due to her pregnancy. She considers the 2008-2009 season her “season back into the sport.” Upon her return, she remarkably made Great Britain’s World Cup team and wound up with a second overall, winning two World Cup events.

Rudman made her first appearance at the 2006 Olympics in Turino and unexpectedly but well deserved, won the Silver medal. Not only was it a first for her, but for Great Britain as well. She said this of the 2006 Torino Olympic Games, “I hope (the British team) will be really, really happy and excited for me, and that it will spur everybody else on to follow in pursuit of the performances I achieved today … That’s not me bigging myself up – it’s just that now they’ve seen me here, they can realize that they can all get here as well.”

After her Silver medal run in the Olympic Games in Torino, she is hopeful that she can at least have another medal-winning performance. After finishing second in the overall standings for this season, she shares this with the possibility of her going home empty-handed, “I am in with a shout but I have to be realistic,” adding, “If I come away with a medal I will be over the moon. If I don’t, I need to know I have done the best I can and I have to move on and be a mum.”

With the Olympic Games quickly approaching she said:

“The expectations are now enormous,” adding that, “Everybody is expecting me to bring back gold.”

I wish you the best of luck in your journey to the podium! Leave us your thoughts about Shelley Rudman, the British Olympic Skeleton racer in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a film right here.

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