Hannah Teter: U.S Olympic Snowboarder (Photos, Video)

February 11, 2010

Meet Hannah Teter, U.S Olympic Snowboarder, who even though at her young age, she has accomplished great achievements throughout her professional and personal life. Keep reading to get to know more about Hannah plus don’t miss her beautiful photos and video below.

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She might be only 23 years old, but Hannah Teter managed to win championships on the slopes and also raise money to support Boarding for Breast Cancer, and give help to Dandur in Sudan and Kirindon in Kenya. All of her involvement in charities was what made Hannah create in 2008 her own charity called “Hannah’s Gold”. Today “Hannah’s Gold” has many contributors that have joined forces with Hannah to help several charities.

Hannah was born in Belmont, Vermont on January 27, 1987. Hannah and two of her four brothers practiced snowboarding while their oldest sibling Amen is their manager. While Hannah is the youngest of them all (Elijah, Abe, Josh and Amen) and that is how little Hannah, in an effort to follow her big brother’s footsteps, started snowboarding when she was just nine years old.

"I was just always a tag along and always wanted to be like a boy when I was growing up, wearing their clothes and like their T-shirts, and always: Wait up for me, guys! I want to come along!" she remembers. But they did leave her behind they didn’t want to hang out with their baby sister so instead she learned how to ski with the gang, she took her lessons at the mountain nearby her home called Okemo.

When she was just 15 she won her first Championship at the World Junior Halfpipe and the fourth place at the World Cup in Chile. The next year she won gold in Japan, Switzerland and Chile. In 2004 she competed at the XGames in which she won and at the 2005 World Olympics she got away with the bronze. At the FIS World Championships she won the third place. In 2006 she was making her Olympic debut at the Winter Olympic games in Torino where she won the gold in halfpipe. Also in 2006 she won the ESPY Award for Best Action Sports Female (She has been nominated three times) and was named USOC Sportswoman of the year.

Between 2007 and 2008 Hannah took a little break from Snowboarding to focus on her humanitarian projects. Because Vermont is famous for its Maple Syrup, her family helped (with the profit they got from the syrup) Kenya. During this time was when Hannah’s Gold was born, she gave her prize money she won in the Olympic Games to Kenya and did the same to help the Haitian earthquake survivors.

At the 2009 XGames and the Grand Prix Hannah took to the podium (her bother Elijah competed too), earning her spot at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Because Hannah is not just a great athlete but a good hearted young lady. She was the main character in the documentary films “First Descend” , “AK and Beyond” and along with her brother Abe in “Snow Blind” directed by Christopher J. Scott and filmed in Colorado.

At the 2010 Winter Games we hope to see Hannah Teter, our U.S Olympic Snowboarder take home as many medals as she can. Meanwhile take a look at some cool photos here plus the video below.

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Hannah Teter Video

Photos: Rachel Worth/WENN, WENN, www.WENN.com.

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