Aliona Savchenko: German Olympic Pairs Skater

February 9, 2010

Meet Aliona Savchenko, German Olympic Pairs Skater. From Ukraine, Savchenko is a gold medalist who just recently won the Short program at the 2010 European Figure Skating Championships with her partner Robin Szolkowy. She now represents Germany. Get more on the skater below with video to follow.

Skater Aliona Savchenko, who is coached by Ingo Steuer, is a huge talent on the ice alongside her partner Robin Szolkowy. The pair are headed up against the likes of Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, and things are sure to get hot!

As a biography Aliona Savchenko, German Olympic Pairs Skater, was born in Kiev, located in Ukraine. Skating since the age of just three years old, Savchenko was born in January on the 19th of 1984. She is twenty-six years old. She began pair skating when she thirteen years old. Aliona has paired up with the likes of Stanislav Morozovin her previous years and is now skating with partner Robin Szolkowy.

Over the years Savchenko has competed at both the 2002 Winter Olympics and the 2006 Winter Olympics. Aliona’s career highlights to date include a three year consecutive win at the European Pair Skating Championships. The Ukraine raised Pair Skater has also been named the German Pair Skating Champion for five years straight from 2004 through 2009. She is also a 2008 Grand Prix Champion on top of winning the World Pair Skating Championships in 2008 and 2009.

Aliona Savchenko became a German Citizen in 2006, she currently resides in Chemnitz, Germany . The blonde beauty and her partner, Robin, was said to be a favorite to win at this year’s 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics up until a few devastating performances in recent months. The pair currently ranks at World No.1. To date the pair’s personal best score is 211.72 points.

See video of Aliona Savchenko, German Olympic Pairs Skater, with partner Robin Szolkowy below.

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