Ashley Wagner: U.S. Figure Skater

February 9, 2010

There are a lot of talented people set to take the ice in the 2010 Winter Olympics but unfortunately alternate U.S Figure Skater Ashley Wagner is not one of them. However I am here to tell you that I have my eye on Ashley and so should you, she is awesome. If you want to know why I think you should keep your eye on Ashley Wagner keep reading I have some great info on her that includes an awesome video.

I recently read a LA Times article that said Ashley Wagner was pretty much always overlooked when it comes to Women’s Figure Skating and that Ashley was okay with being viewed as the underdog. It is honestly the perfect way to describe 18 year old US. Figure Skater Ashley Wagner, she is always the underdog, yet she is always amazing. Ashely finished third in last months National U.S Women’s Championship, behind Rachael Flatt and Mirai Nagasu. Her third place finish put her as an alternate for the Vancouver Olympics, but even that didn’t get her down, you won’t find an “aw poor me” attitude from this girl. Nope she has her sights set on the future, and staying in shape just in case she is called to Vancouver.

Ashley Wagner was born in Germany, but grew up a military brat, her father was in the army and the family lived all over the place. She has one younger brother Austin who is also a skater. It was during her family’s stint in Alaska, that the then 5 year old Wagner first took to the ice and the rest as they say is skating history. Ashley has basically been competing at the professional level since the 2001/2002 skating season. I first noticed her at the 2004/2005 U.S Figure Skating Championships and although she didn’t take home a medal she was good, to me she came out of no where but she certainly left an impression.

Skating may be Ashley’s priority right now but she does have school on the brain and she plans to take classes at the University of Delaware and hopes to one day go into marketing or public relations. However until then it is skating skating skating! Ashely will compete in the Junior World Championships in the Netherlands at the end of March. Plus there is the Senior World Championships where she is an alternate, and of course lets not forget the 2014 Olympics in Russia.

I for one think great things are ahead for U.S Figure Skater Ashley Wagner. I am telling you if you have not watched Ashley skate watch the below video, she may be known as the underdog but she is awesome.

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