Ashley Caldwell: U.S Olympic Freestyle Skier

February 9, 2010

U.S Olympic Freestyle Skier, Ashley Caldwell, 16, is the youngest athlete in the U.S Olympic Team to attend the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Find out more!

Ashley Caldwell Ski Freestyle

The Freestyle Skier, Ashley Caldwell was born in Montgomery, MD on September 14, 1993. The 16 year-old Hamilton, Va. native first got into skiing when she was 3 years-old and started freestyle aerials skiing at 13. At that time when she was 13, the former gymnast was bored of gymnastics and was looking for something more challenging and exciting.

Her parents, Mark and Leslie suggested a camp, a freestyle skiing summer camp managed by Nick Preston who was the coach of 1998 Olympic aerials gold medalist Nikki Stone. There, Ashley found what she was looking for and she wanted to give it a try.

Caldwell has only three years experience as a Freestyle skier but her performance is amazing, she has attended three World Cups, all of them in this season. The young girl is the “first member from the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Elite Air Program to land a spot for the Olympics”. During the 2010 U.S Olympics Trials held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, she did very well and surprised everybody with strong results.

But, how did Ashley Caldwell celebrate her spot on the Olympic Team? She admits, she felt good, but she wasn’t jumping and screaming and even didn’t call her parents until a couple of hours later. I guess she was in shock! Everybody thought she will make her Olympic debut at the 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia. But her extraordinary performance during the season changed that. She was named 2010 Freestyle World Cup Rookie of The Year. It has been an amazing year for her, huh? And It’s just the beginning…

Now, Ashley Caldwell is set to represent the United States in Vancouver. The youngest athlete in the U.S Olympic Team is ready to give her best at the Winter Games and surely she will surprise everybody again!


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