Marisa Miller’s Pants Down (Photos , Video)

February 9, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miler is a stunning American model that dazzles the catwalk. Lately Marisa participated in the Celebrity flag football match in Miami, where Marisa was the victim of a defensive tackle that caused her to expose a lot more skin than she wanted to, unfortunately Marisa Miller got her pants down by a fellow celebrity. Keep reading to know the rest of this news plus check out some photos and video below.

Marissa Miller pic

Marisa Miller with her perfect body, awakens the most hidden fantasies and jealousy and admiration among other woman, she is one of those women that was privileged with a heavenly figure; she keeps her incredible body in shape and eats well. The truth is that Marisa has no secrets about her diet and training routine, she eats a healthy, balanced diet and works out by going to the gym or practices any sport she likes. Recently we saw her taking part in the Fourth Direct TV’s Celebrity Flag Football Match, along with Tom Arnold, Jennifer Lopez, Brian McKnight, Ed Chazwick and girlfriend Jessica Szhor, Taylor Lautner, David Hayas, Niecy Nash, Dominic Fumusa, Aaron Paul, Olivia Munn, Chace Crawford, Marlon and Damon Wayans, Michael Clark Duncan, Kellan Lutz, Warren Moon and Rich Gannon. The quarterbacks on each team were coached by New York Giants’ Eli Manning and New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez. Not bad right? Definitely not bad at all.

Poor Marisa got her pants, well actually her leggings, pulled down accidentally of course when Tom Arnold tackled her when he tried to grab the flags the players were wearing around their waists, she was laughing and didn’t see a wrong or intentional act involved.

‘All of a sudden this big, sweaty guy was on top of me.’

Marisa is no stranger to sports, since she was a young girl she has surfed, she once participated on the Celebrity Surf team at the Kelly Slater Surf Invitational. Luckily there was no one there to get Marisa Miller’s pants down there, or her bathing suit!

Take a look at some photos and video below.

Marissa Miller Pic 1 1Marissa Miller Pic 2 1Marissa Miller Pic 3 1Marissa Miller pic 4 1Marisa Miller pic 5

Marisa Miller “Hot” Video

Photos: Judy Eden/ WENN, Flashpoint/ WENN, Jeff Daly/ WENN, Dimitri Halkidis / WENN,

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