Angela Ruggiero: Olympic Hockey Player

February 9, 2010

Angela Ruggiero is a hockey defense man for the Olympics. Slated to compete in the 2010 Vancouver games the female hockey star has had quite the illustrious career thus far.

Ruggiero has a long list of accomplishments in the rough and tumble sport and she is no push over out on the ice. The Olympic star has been competing in the games since 1997 and plans to retire from the national team after this year. She wants to go out with a bang and who can blame her?

You have to be an amazing athlete to even think of qualifying for the Olympics and Angela has certainly done her homework and hard work throughout the years. She has already won 3 medals in prior games and is destined to lead her team to victory once again.

Being in the Olympics made finishing school a big challenge for Angela. She was only 18 when she played on the women’s team winning the 1997 inaugural tournament. She had to take special measures to finish high school which she somehow managed to do. She spent 6 months on the national team so she had to study abroad. She wrapped up high school and graduated right on time alongside her classmates. She is also a Harvard graduate, very impressive. While she does plan to retire from the games after this year she says she will never stop playing hockey. For long term plans? She’d like to get into sports broadcasting.

You may or may not remember Ruggiero from television. She was on the 2007 season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Out of the twenty players selected for the show she made it to the 11th spot before being eliminated. If you’ve ever watched the show you’ll know that everyone starts out as a team player but eventually you have to strike out on your own to win the show. Angela found it difficult to conspire against the other players due to her solid team player ethics and it cost her from going farther in the game. Trump was so impressed with her that he offered her a job anyway, but Angela wanted to pursue her hockey career and focus on training for her last round in the Olympics.

Being an excellent team player has only helped Ruggiero in the hockey game and she has incredible skill in the rink. Hopefully she and her team can bring home the gold for the US this year. Whatever the outcome I think we’ll be hearing from Ruggiero for a long time.

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