Rebekah Bradford: U.S. Olympic Speed Skater

February 9, 2010

U.S Olympic Speed Skater, Rebekah Bradford is beyond excited to attend her first Olympic Games. She’s set to represent the United States at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Find out more!

Rebekah Bradford

Rebekah was born in Apple Valley, Minnesota, on April 30, 1983. She has been attending international speed skating tournaments since 2002, when she competed at the World Junior Speedskating Championships. The Minnesota native realized speed skating was all she wanted to do while she watched legends Bonnie Blair and Dan Jansen racing in events.

The 26 year-old blond loves to drink Coke during her four-hour trainings, “During the summer I’ll sometimes drink Coke during my training,” she says. “I let the carbonation out of course, but it provides electrolytes and caffeine to get through three- to four-hour workouts.” Her family and friends always wear purple knit hats at the events, with that color, she can see them in the crowd. Rebekah is a student of psychology and exercise sports science at the University of Utah.

U.S Olympic Speed Skater Rebekah Bradford is attending her first Olympic Games in Vancouver. Bradford is a lucky girl and she knows about second chances, she qualified for the Olympics in a most dramatic way. During the U.S Olympic trials in December the Minnesota native slipped and fell across the finish line of her 1000-meter race. She thought her Olympic dream was over, she fell in front of her families, friends and the Olympic judges. But the 26 year-old speed skater had a second chance, the judges allowed her a re-skate. She lost the opportunity to qualify for the national tittle with her time, however she landed a spot on the 1000 Olympic Team.


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