Cameron Diaz, A-Rod: Super Bowl Flirty Fun!

February 8, 2010

Cameron Diaz and A-Rod were seen at a Super Bowl party Saturday and witnesses claim that the two were quite smitten with each other throughout the night. Read more about this hot and heavy developing relationship plus photos and video below!

Cameron DiazA Rod

Well it seems a new couple has formed where the sports and celebrity worlds intersect. Cameron Diaz, A-Rod are the latest celeb/athlete to hook up! Yay or Nay on this one?

The two were having a grand old time at the CAA Party held in Miami on Super Bowl Eve. Diaz could be seen hanging with buds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tom and Cam are co-starring in the flick Knight and Day!, which wrapped up in December and will premiere in July. Cam hit the dance floor with the Yank where a source said that the two “were having a great time while the actress was grinding on A-Rod”. Wow! Cam doing the grind on A-Rod? That would have been a sight to see for sure, wouldn’t it?! Or maybe it was just the alcohol…a source revealed that Cameron was allegedly

…”tipsy and dancing by herself and then turning into [Alex] some.”

I would like to know how Alex’s former lady love, Kate Hudson, feels about this new relationship. It’s been reported by OK! Mag that A-Rod’s alleged continuous contact with Madonna is what led to the KateRod demise. I’m thinking that Cameron’s not the type to stand for any of that!

So, what do you think of the latest celebrity/athlete match up? Will Cameron Diaz, A-Rod last? Or was this simply just two people having fun at a Super Bowl party? Leave me your thoughts below, I for one think that this one won’t last, but then again, you just never know in the world of ‘As Hollywood Turns’. Check out more pictures and a hot video below.

Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz Cameron Diaz A Rod A Rod A Rod

Photos: PNP/,, Avik Gilboa/,, SMartinez /, Ray Filmano / WENN,

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