Kimberly Derrick: U.S. Olympic Speed Skater (Photos, Video)

February 9, 2010

Meet our beautiful Kimberly Derrick, U.S Olympic Speed Skater, find out about her life from the beginning, her start as a speed skater, tragic loss and so much more. Just keep reading and don’t miss Kimberly’s beautiful photos plus the video below.

Speed Skater

This gorgeous short track speed skater was born on April 28, 1985 in Blytheville, Arkansas. She has three more siblings, she is the only girl. Kimberly, like many other speed skaters, start on in-line skates, plus her parents also owned a roller rink. She has been skating since she was 6 years old and by the time she was 18 she was a national champion on skates, she totally rocks!!

But besides her skating Kimberly also dreams about becoming a teacher, especially after she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education at Northern Michigan University, where her family still lives, but our girl Kim lives in Salt Lake City, where the weather is so much better for her practices.

After she savored the victory with in-line skates she moved to the wild territory of “Ice Skates” she even got wilder when she landed into the speed skating world. In 2006 she made her debut as part of the U.S Olympic Team in Torino.

Even though it was a very emotional time in her life it was a tragic memory as well. Kimberly Derrick’s grandfather Darrel Edwards died of heart failure when he was in Torino, where he was to cheer on his beloved granddaughter.

"He was my biggest fan, the one who held my hand while chasing my dream, He was and forever will be my pillar of strength.”

She was shattered by the news but decided to compete in his honor, she competed in the 1000, and in the quarterfinals she was disqualified, but she ended in the fourth place on the 3000 M relay, and she dedicated this competition to her grandpa.

"I’m proud to be at the Olympics and at the same time, my heart hurts so much. When I got onto the ice I was overcome by emotions, but I knew I had to race.”

But this was just the beginning. At the 2008-2009 World Cup, she won at the World short track individual and team championships, in 2009 she won the bronze at the shot track championships and ranked 8th overall, but at the 1000M World Cup she was in the 3rd spot and 7th in the 15000M.

Kimberly Derrick is the U.S Olympic Speed Skater that won her spot with the Olympic team to represent us at the 2010 Olympic Winter games in Vancouver. Good Luck!

Take a look at some photos and video below.

Kimberly Derrick Video

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