Lingerie Football League Bowl No Show? (Photos,Video)

February 8, 2010

News all over reported that the sexiest event in the world, The Lingerie Football League was having its seventh bowl and that would air during the halftime at the Super Bowl on Sunday. How was it? Did it air? Keep reading to know all the details about this news plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

Lingerie  Bowl  VII

The Lingerie Bowl VII will air at this year’s Super Bowl halftime, at least that was what we heard just the day before. Did you know the first time the Lingerie Bowl aired at the Super Bowl was back in 2004? At that time it was the Los Angeles Dream (now Los Angeles Temptation) against the New York Euphoria, L.A won 6-0.

This year it was the Los Angeles Temptation who would face the Chicago Bliss (who came undefeated), the Lingerie Bowl, which is now an annual show aired during halftime of the Super Bowl, is the event shown on Pay-Per- View and features the beautiful players in too sexy uniforms in a seven on seven tackle game.

The event would be at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. While in previous occasions it had been at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The four teams that competed against each other at the seventh Annual Lingerie Bowl were: in the western conference the Chicago Bliss vs. the Miami Caliente and from the eastern conference the Los Angeles Temptation vs. the Dallas Desire. The playoffs were played on February 4th, followed by the Lingerie Football League Black- Tie Awards dinner at the Catalina Hotel Beach Club and the two remaining teams played on Saturday February 6, and air during the Super Bowl halftime. Thank God, this years wasn’t canceled, remember last year?

The Who was for sure going to have some utterly Hot competition at halftime or maybe they did not; unfortunately the Lingerie Bowl didn’t get to air this year either, apparently a high internet demand was the cause that millions of fans couldn’t see these stunning ladies play some ball. There were news reports that several hours passed before it was shown, sadly by that time the Super Bowl had already ended with a victory for the New Orleans Saints over the Colts, this really is a terrible thing to happen to the LFL, I mean that’s two times in a row! What do you think… third time’s the charm yes or no?

Take a look at some steamy photos plus the video below.

Lingerie Bowl.jpg 1 2 3 4Lingerie Bowl.jpg1 1 2 3 4Lingerie Bowl.jpg2

The Lingerie Bowl Video

Photos: Siri Khalsa /WENN,

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