Reggie Bush Got Milk Ad (Photos,Video)

February 7, 2010

Have you seen New Orleans Saints quarterback Reggie Bush latest pictures? Well let me tell you that he definitely looks “Hot”! When is it going to air? To find out more keep reading plus check the photos and video below.

Reggie Bush.jpg

Is New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush the sexy shirtless guy featured in the new “Got Milk” campaign? Well yes he is! Kim Kardashian’s beau bares his defined abs to definitely make a statement, if you want abs like his, ya gotta have milk! Only what he really said in the video below is something like this:

"You want to be as lean as possible, but still strong,"

“So Hot” Reggie, even before this Got Milk picture we sort of knew what makes Kim so crazy in love for this guy, but now we don’t have any doubts about it!

Did you know that the first Got Milk Ad was in 1993 and it featured Sean Whalen (tongueless kid from that Stephen Kings film “The people Under the Stairs”) and Rob Paulsen (famous voice actor) and directed by the Transformers’ film director Michael Bay? Not bad right?

Apparently it seems that our boy Reggie always wanted to be in a Got Milk ad campaign, now these days the list of celebrities and even television characters that have been featured in the ads is countless, and Reggie Bush is an excellent addition to the list.

" [It] sends a healthy message to teens." Channeling his inner nutritionist, he also recommends drinking chocolate milk "after a workout or game because it has the proteins and carbs to help you refuel and it has the fluids and electrolytes that help you rehydrate."

We have to agree with Reggie. Do you think the ads will air during the Super Bowl? Maybe it will, I can imagine already all the female fans screaming if it does, certainly Kim included, although she has the live version of the ad for herself.

Did you know that even though most people agree with what Reggie thinks about milk,there was a time back in 2002 where some famous corporations did not agree with Got Milk, this is the case of PETA when they brought the Got Pus campaign in order to promote an anti dairy campaign.

But that is the past now let’s go back to happy times by taking a look at some photos plus Reggie Bush’s Got Milk ad video below.

Reggie Bush.jpg1Reggie Bush.jpg2Reggie Bush.jpg3Reggie Bush.jpg4Reggie Bush.jpg5

Reggie Bush “Got Milk”Ad Video

Photos:Adriana M. Barraza/ WENN, Apega/ WENN, Aruna Gilbert/ WENN, WENN,

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