Holly Brooks U.S Olympic Cross Country Skier (Photos, Video)

February 9, 2010

Meet Holly Brooks our U.S Olympic Cross Country Skier, who will represent us at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Would you like to know more about her life? Then keep reading to get to know a little bit more about Holly, plus photos and video below.

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This cheerful athlete is the rookie of the U.S team, but don’t misjudge her for this, Mrs. Brooks has done some outstanding performances, so why don’t we start from the beginning shall we?

Alright then let’s begin, you’ll see Holly Brooks was born in Redmond, Washington on April 17, 1982, raised in Seattle and now resides in Anchorage, Alaska. Skiing was part of her life since an early age as she recalls she always went over the weekends skiing at the mountains where her parents Chris and Don Brooks had a cabin. When she was a bit older, before she was thirteen she took a part-time job as a skiing coach, later Holly took the coach position at Maine Winter Sports Center. Subsequently she began skiing for the Pacific Northwest Division for a couple of years and won with the International Ski Federation (FIS) in 2004.

She studied at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington where she graduated with a double major in Sociology and Environmental Studies in 2004. During her time in Whitman she kept on skiing with her college’s Ski Team. After her graduation she moved to Alaska where she quickly was asked to be the coach for West Anchorage High School, two years later she received the same offer but this time it was the Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center, Wow!! That sure is long, so we can call it, as most people do, the APUNSC.

Holly Brooks’ ski debut was in 2009, at her performances at the U.S Super Tour she kept her position in the top places in 6 competitions, then she competed at the NorAm Cup where she also did great, this year at the U.S Championship she won a spot in the top ten, and finished fifth overall. Due to this she earned her place at the 2010 Winter Olympic in Vancouver.

Holly was so overwhelmed by the news that totally took her by surprise, Holly felt so thankful to have the unconditional support and love of her hubby Rob, family and friends.

Take a look at some photos of our U.S Olympic Cross Country Skier Holly Brooks and the video below.

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Holly Brooks Video

Photos: WENN, www.WENN.com.

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