Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders (Video,Photos)

February 6, 2010

Meet the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders, the sexy cheerleaders who will cheer their team to victory. Keep reading to know more about them plus take a look at some photos and video below.

Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Just like any other NFL team has their cheerleading squad to add some spice at their games, the Indianapolis Colts are no exception, in fact they were the first NFL team to have their own cheerleading squad. Some people might think that it was the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose cheerleaders were named The Steelerettes in 1960, in fact even the same Steelers said they were the first, but sorry guys it was the Indianapolis Colts who were the first back in 1954.

Since that time the Lucas Oil Stadium has been the home of these lovely ladies, their work and dedication they put into their training, diet and choreography is really overwhelming. They get up before sunrise well before 6:00 a.m – for me that’s before sunrise, anyway at 7:00 a.m these impressive ladies begin their training routine.

Like other cheerleading squads, they get involved in charity events, opening events, fairs and entertaining performances at army units all over the world. Because of this, they created The Colts Cheerleaders Show Troupe, their main purpose is to entertain the fans in any kind of event.

In order to be able to wear the lovely and sexy uniforms that until this day there are over 20 different ones, these incredible ladies must be 18, be a high school graduate, know some utterly sexy kicks, dance, sing, be in good physical condition and last but not least have a great personality.

Many of them explain how their lives are quite normal maybe with a bit more of a tight schedule and a low income. Did you know their salary is less than $100 a week? Luckily their appearances on the field and especially at the Super Bowl call the attention of well recognized magazines, to give these hot girls a little extra recognition.

We will be waiting anxiously to see the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders at the 2010 Super Bowl on Sunday! Meanwhile take a look at some photos and video below.

Indianapolis Colts CheerleadersIndianapolis Colts CheerleadersIndianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

Indianapolis Colts Video

Photos: PR Photos

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