Gay Dating Super Bowl Ad Video Should Not Be News

February 6, 2010

Unfortunately we still live in a time when a gay dating super bowl ad is news. Here is the video for you to watch and tell us what you think in the comments. This gay super bowl commercial for a manly dating site named ManCrunch was rejected by CBS as too, umm, too something for television.

gay dating

It’s not like I actually enjoy watching men kiss. That’s just plain old icky in this girl’s opinion. Even as a chick I like watching girl on girl action but that’s just me. Why are we all so freaking offended about dudes smooching? Just get another beer if it bugs you so much.

But bug us it does apparently, so much so that CBS censors rejected this super bowl ad as too provocative for their audience to handle.

What they do not realize is that half of these fans will be hammered by the 2nd quarter and the other half will be flirting with the neighbor’s wife. As one set of eyes mists over in a drunken stupor, and the other set of eyes checks out Mrs. Brown’s ass, who is really going to care about this gay dating super bowl ad if they show it after halftime?

My guess is nobody who watches. The only people who will care are the tight asses who hear about the advertisement beforehand and throw a temper tantrum about it.

On the merits the ad sucks. See the video and scorn it like everyone else. I mean who would ever believe that a Vikings fan and Packers fan would be sitting on the same couch? Realism next time, please. It’s not even funny. Yawn.

The rejected Super Bowl commercial is for a gay dating site named ManCrunch. If this is the best ad they can produce, that has got to be one whale of a waste of space on the internet. Do yourselves a favor and follow Right Fielders on Twitter instead. You have no idea what you are missing.

Just one girl’s opinion. What do you think of this gay dating Super Bowl ad? See the ManCrunch video below and opine your thoughts.

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