Tiger Woods Rehab Complete, Nurses Safe

February 6, 2010

The widely reported Tiger Woods rehab for sex addiction is now complete according to reports. While there he only bopped three nurses, one therapist, and a lonely cleaning lady after hours. What a gentleman!

Tiger Woods rehab

Just kidding of course. Nobody knows what went on at the very private Mississippi sex addiction rehab center where Tiger Woods was cured of his putter problems. All we know is that if successful he will never shank a woody again.

Reportedly the name of the clinic where Tiger Woods straightened out his driver is “Gentle Path” which is located in Harrisburg, Mississippi. Supposedly Tiger Woods’ wife visited him for prolonged times during rehab and finally was on hand to spring him out.

Sources say that Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods flew home together to their estate in Florida. We imagine that while on board, the world’s best golfer joined the mile high club by banging a stewardess in the loo and checking out the cockpit for women in uniform. Oh well, if she doesn’t know it can’t hurt her. We are kidding!

Oh yes, I know. Who are we and what greatness is he.

In other Tiger Woods news he is supposedly ready to make a surprise appearance at an upcoming golf tournament which will send television ratings through the roof. No, the Legs Open tourney is not a sanctioned PGA event so it won’t count in the ratings. But at least the participants will have fun.

So there you have it. The Tiger Woods rehab stint is reportedly over at Gentle Path. Tiger Woods is home in his wife’s loving arms again. The kids are well fed and happy. Golf goes on. We invite reader comments below after viewing this super cool video.

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