Michael Irvin Rape Accusation Rattles Fans

February 5, 2010

NFL Hall of Fame football hero Michael Irvin is is big trouble, again. He is fighting allegations from a Florida woman who is accusing him of rape. A rather serious claim and very damaging to his reputation with his fans.

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This is not the first time the famous foot ball player has been in trouble with the law. He has had a couple of drug charges but nothing shakes up fans more than a sexual assault accusation. Irvin is denying any part in the allegation of rape. While charges are yet to be filed the case is being investigated and just happens to nip on the heels of the Super Bowl.

You have to wonder about the timing of the alleged incident coming to light. Considering Irvin is working as an analyst for the NFL and will be in attendance in Miami to cover the Superbowl, this is exactly the type of situation that can propel the sports super star in an unfavorable light.

Most importantly are the fans and how they are reacting to this recent news. It seems that forgiving Irvin of his past drug charges was an easier task than an alleged sex crime. After all Irvin went on to land in the Hall of Fame despite his prior arrest record.

The drug stuff wasn’t too serious. A misdemeanor marijuana charge and a cocaine paraphernalia charge. More disturbing than the stuff he was caught with is the explanation that he gave for the crack pipe the cops found after pulling Michael over for speeding.

Irvin spoke about the incident on ESPN radio and explained that the crack pipe belonged to a friend. He stated:

“Ya know he’s struggling. I know he’s struggling. I was like I don’t want anything in my house around my kids, ya know so I patted him down and I took this pipe off him. And I thought to throw it in the garbage, but then people have gone through my garbage and I shred everything. And I put it in my car saying I’ll take it up the street and… take it up the street later and throw it in the dumpster at the grocery store.”

Okay. Sounds reasonable, right? Well maybe not. You decide.

As for the more recent charges this is a rundown on what happened allegedly that night at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino:

In the suit, the woman said Irvin bought her alcohol to get her drunk, then lured her to his hotel room. That’s where he and another man tried stuffing money into her clothes, the suit said.

She said Irvin and the other man insisted on sexual favors. She said no.

That’s when the unidentified man held her down and covered her mouth, according to the suit, then Irvin raped her.
she said. When Irvin was done, the other man forced her to perform oral sex.

That sound rather serious. Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and time will tell if charges will be placed against Irvin.

Here are some more photos of Michael Irvin.

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Photos: Judy Eddy www.wenn.com

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