Lauren Cholewinski: U.S. Olympic Speed Skater

February 4, 2010

Speed Skater Lauren Cholewinski will be representing the U.S. at the Winter Olympics. The games are set to kickoff on Feb. 12 in Vancouver, Canada. Read more below.

It’s a good thing that speed skating is an indoor sport, because if it weren’t this event would have become a little trickier come mid-February. You see Vancouver is experiencing rather warm weather due to its Ocean-tempered climate, and as most of us know, it’s hard to skate on water – Unless of course you’re Jesus, or Chuck Norris.

Many find that Speed Skating is one of the most fascinating sports that the Winter Games has to offer. In fact the short track event has been compared to a demolition derby, because of how many accidents take place as a result of competitors bumping into one another. The lanes are narrow and the speed is rapid, which leaves very little room for error, if any at all. In turn this makes the sport, which is believed to be originally a product of the Netherlands, a thrill to watch.

And one of the finest skaters on the ice is competing for Team USA. Her name is Lauren Cholewinski. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

As a biography:

She was born in Pineville, N.C. on November 15, 1988. This makes her 22-years-old. She weighs in at just under 150-pounds and stands 5 ft 8 in tall. A few of her many accomplishments include being a member of two World Cup Teams, and participating in the U.S. Speedskating Championships, where she placed 5th in 2008 and 2009. Her fascination for the sport began at an early age. Her brother is also a well-seasoned speedskater.

Readers, at the moment this is all we know about Lauren Cholewinski. If you know of any additional, accurate information please do share in our comment section.

Please find pictures and video below.

Speed Skating Skates 1

Photos: Saari

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