New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders (Photos, Video)

February 6, 2010

Just like the New Orleans Saints football team is ready to face the Indianapolis Colts, The New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders “The Saintsations” are ready for this year’s Super Bowl’s best cheers. Do you want to know more about these stunning ladies? Then keep on reading, plus check out some photos and video below.

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders

With this year’s Super Bowl just days away, The Saintsations couldn’t be more ready with their best cheers, dance moves and their big dreams of taking their title back to New Orleans.

The squad’s off-the-field activities included their annual swimsuit calendar where they had record sales; this year’s was shot in New Orleans while some others were shot in different scenarios. The calendar’s photoshoot is so popular in New Orleans that it has become an annual television event broadcast by Cox Sports.

Their community programs included the New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders attending events like “Angel’s Place” the charity that helps children with severe and terminal illness as well as their families, they cheer at “Race for The Cure”, which helps breast cancer as well as the New Orleans traditional children’s event “The Royal Teddy Bear Tea”. They have appeared appearances since 2004 at the London bash and two years ago they also appeared in the Fiesta Super Bowl In Mexico plus their goodwill work in Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few, where they visit the military bases. Besides all this they have their personal charity “The Saintsations Inspiration Program”.

Their support and participation is well recognized in newspapers and magazines as well as their individual achievements. This is the case of some Saintsations cheerleaders who were featured in the New Orleans Magazine’s “People to Watch”.

The Saintsations have been part of the Pro Bowl since 1993, and this year is the turn for New Orleans Saints Cheerleader Amanda T., who was also among the cheerleaders in the New Orleans Magazine, she was selected for her “great kindness, love and dedication to the squad.”

The Saintsations history started in 1977, at first the name they had back in 1967 was the Louisiannes that later was changed to The Saint Dancers. In 1968 they were the Mademoiselles during 1969 and in 1971, they were called the Mam’selles. The Saintsations name was selected by fans after some tryouts. Their biggest sponsor is The Royal Sonesta Hotel

Don’t miss Super Bowl this Sunday February 7th, you will experience great football, and great choreography and dances by the sexy New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders “The Saintsations”.

Take a look at the photos and video below.

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpgNew Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg1New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg2New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg3New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg4New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg5New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg6New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders.jpg7

The New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders Video

Photos: Daniel Britt/ WENN,

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