Dennis Rodman 911 Assault Call

February 4, 2010

Dennis Rodman can now add sexual assault (allegedly) to his long list of criminal behavior. Last October the basketball star was reportedly partying at a popular nightspot and things got a little out of hand for the notorious bad boy.

dennis rodman

The details of that night are now available on a 911 call that was taped after a security guard called the cops. This was not Rodman’s first run in with the law and it most likely won’t be his last. Trouble doesn’t follow Dennis he brings the drama all by himself.

You can catch up with Rodman on this season’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Rodman was the first celebrity rehab resident to arrive at the drug and alcohol treatment center but the last to come out with any revealing insight into his reckless and often out of control life.

In fact Dennis doesn’t seem to think he has a dependency problem and is only there because it was court ordered. While Rodman gives zero information on his parents and childhood he does reveal that he hosts parties every night at his house with 200 to 300 people just hanging out and partying. Does he join in? Nope. According to Dennis he holes up in his bedroom while the insanity rages downstairs. Odd behavior from a very strange dude.

Dennis was in trouble with the law back when he was briefly married to Carmen Electra. The cops were called after the two had an altercation and the photos of a bruised and battered Electra made all the news sites. Rodamn said the altercation was mutual and they were both arrested! They both refused to file charges and the cases were later dropped.

It doesn’t look like Rodman shows any signs of slowing down. He comes across as arrogant and entitled to whatever he wants and if that means grabbing a woman’s body parts at a club is on his menu well, he’s going to order up a side dish of assault. You can hear the exclusive 911 call here.

Some more photos of Dennis Rodman.

dennis rodman 1dennis rodman 2dennis rodman 3

Here is a video of Cindy Crawford and Dennis Rodman.


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