Gay Super Bowl Ad Rejected [VIDEO]

February 5, 2010

Did you see the gay super bowl ad rejected? CBS rejected a ad and according to a letter provided by the spokeswoman for the gay dating website, the network didn’t accept the spot because “it is not within the Network’s broadcast standards for Super Bowl Sunday”. Find out more and see the video here!


“After reviewing the ad, which is entirely commercial in nature, our standards and practices department decided not to accept this particular spot,” said CBS spokeswoman Shannon Jacobs. “We are always open to working with a client on alternative submissions.”

But you know, every story has two sides: the network says they rejected this particular ad because the sales department couldn’t check the credit status of the dating web site. In turn, Elissa Butcher, spokeswoman for ManCrunch says they wanted to pay for the ad in cash. However, Shannon Jacobs, CBS spokeswoman, said they don’t have any documentation that proves that this offer was made.

After the ManCrunch ad was rejected by the network, they are now seeking support from other same-sex couples rights groups in showing their disapproval of CBS, who won’t run the ad during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The ad – which shows two men making out on a couch – it’s not ok for CBS. Why? What’s the big deal? The ad shows two men watching a football game on a couch, then they both touch their hands in the bowl of chips. After looking into each other’s eyes, immediately they begin kissing (well, you can’t see their faces but – obviously – they are kissing each other). At the end a third man watches the guys with a funny curious face . Come on! It’s a funny ad, I don’t see the big deal…

The gay dating web site ManCrunch couldn’t understand why this ad is offensive and found it sad of the network’s decision.

Some people think the site is just generating free buzz because they knew would be rejected by the network, other people think it’s just discrimination. So what do you think about the gay Super Bowl ad rejected?

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