The Who: Super Bowl Halftime Show (Video)

February 4, 2010

So I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent news regarding the entertainment at this year’s Super Bowl right? Who will be singing at halftime? Who? Well it might sound silly but it is The Who, who will be performing in the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show. What to know more? Then keep reading and be sure not to miss the photos and video of The Who, Super Bowl Halftime Show performance below when it becomes available.

The Who

Last year it was the legendary Bruce Springsteen who totally rocked at last year’s show, but who will be singing this year? Well it was Bruce Springsteen who allegedly said in an interview he would  like to see Coldplay perform the next year, we won’t be seeing Coldplay, but it’s for sure British.

It all started as a rumor, all that was for sure was that it was going to be another legendary guest, since the Super Bowl apparently no longer signs with “fresh meat” (you know, because of the Janet and Justin n*pple incident), but then it was confirmed!! The Who, Super Bowl Halftime Show 2010 performers with its original band members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey. The band originally got together in 1964, and we’ve seen them release top hits like I Can’t Explain, I Can See for Miles and A Quick One, just to name a few and they are also famous for smashing their music instruments. What? Don’t tell me you thought it was Kurt Cobain who started it? No guys it was The Who, although Kurt did do some serious guitar smashing of his own as well plus he was so “Hot”.

You might think, but why will a British Band perform at an American event? Remember that The Who are not the first ones to do so, we also had The Rolling Stones and Sir Paul McCartney, but the thing with The Who, is that they are really rockin’ – On CSI: Miami, that is. Their music has been featured on the hit show (Won’t Get Fooled Again, Baba O’ Riley, Who are You). They are really kicking it in the U.S, add to that they are going to release their new album in 2011 as well. But what about those alleged child pornography charges?  You see, back in 2003 is when that happened, Pete pleaded guilty but he alleged that he was “using the info to write his own bio”, so again who knows. The charges were dropped after an investigation was done. When news regarding The Who performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show began protest by groups like Protect Our Children began too.

So to sum it up, don’t miss the big game this Sunday February 7, live from Miami, when the New Orleans Saints will meet the Indianapolis Colts. Special presentations by Carrie Underwood and Queen Latifah during the pregame and musical guest The Who, Super Bowl Halftime Show stars! I really can’t wait to see these amazing performers!!

Take a look at some photos plus the video below.

The Who Pete  Townshend Roger Daltry The Who

The Who At the Superbowl Promo Video

Photos: Danny Clifford/WENN, Raul M. Leal/WENN, Danny Clifford/,

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