Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad (Video)

February 3, 2010

Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad is still the talk of the town. Last week we saw CBS get some major flack regarding their decision to air the commercial as planned, and now everyone is clamoring to see if they can even get a glimpse of what this whole thing is about. Check out photos and video below.

Tim Tebow

The debate rages on. I for one am very interested to see the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad come Sunday afternoon. You?

According to a new poll that was put out by HCD Research, 62% of the people who participated revealed that CBS should not reject the ad.

Women’s Media Center president Jehmu Greene spoke with the Philadelphia Daily News and feels that the NFL and CBS are taking advantage of the fact that it is the Super Bowl by going ahead and airing the 30 second spot. She said:

“The last thing that Americans need is for CBS and the NFL telling people when and how to have a family. CBS’ decision to allow the ad to run reverses not only air policy on advocacy ads, but the long-standing policy of not allowing them in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is an event that rotates among networks. CBS is changing the playing field for other networks, as well. We don’t feel the debate on choice belongs in the 30-second ad spot of the Super Bowl.”

The ad reveals the story of Pam Tebow, who was pregnant with Tim while on a mission in the Philippines. She became sick while pregnant with him, and she ignored doctors’ advice to have an abortion. The spot is titled “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life” and is funded by the Christian organization, Focus on the Family.

Attorney Gloria Allred exclusively revealed to Radar Online that there are several alleged inaccuracies with the spot. For example, at the time Mrs. Tebow was pregnant, abortion was and still is (since 1930) illegal in the Philippines, which is a predominantly Catholic country. Allred goes on to add that she finds it highly unlikely that Filipino doctors would have even “suggested abortion as a viable option”. On the flip side, you might want to check out Huffington Post…a reader sent in an article which disclosed that an estimated “70% of unwanted pregnancies in the Philippines end with an abortion.” Hmmmm.

Another discussion…why did CBS put the kibosh on the ad for Mancrunch.com, which is a gay dating site? Why the double standard? Just sayin’. So folks, what are your thoughts on the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad? Check out some photos and video below.

Tim Tebow Tim Tebow

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Jameskpoole, Craig O’Neal

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