U.S Alpine Ski Racer Julia Mancuso (Photos, Video)

February 9, 2010

Do you know this U.S Alpine Ski Racer Julia Mancuso? Her Awards? Family? Would you like to? Then keep on reading to get to know a bit more about this beautiful Alpine Ski Racer, plus check out some photos and Video below.

Julila Mancuso pic

Julia Mancuso might be one of the best female U.S Alpine Ski Racer in the world, but she is also the most outgoing, funny, and charismatic in the team, don’t get me wrong she likes to party but she loves her profession and takes it very seriously.

“Super Jules” as her teammates and fans call her, was born in Reno, Nevada on March 9, 1984. She has two sisters Sara and April, and her father is Ciro Mancuso (who was sentence to 9 years in prison over alleged drug dealing charges). Julia recalls how her sister’s life and her own was between Hawaii and California since she was five up until this day, but she also is very thankful to her parents for giving her the love for sports. Did you know that Julia’s first time on ski (Water skis ) was when she was not even one year old, talk about starting at an early age!

She got in the Mighty Mighty Ski program, Park City Winter school, when she was just 8 she was already competing, but it wasn’t until she reached 15 that she started her career professionally at the 1999 World Cup in Colorado, at 17 she landed in the 13th place, and now with the U.S Olympic Team.

Italy was where the 2005 World Championship were held where Julia won two bronze medals after winning 5 gold and 3 bronze at the Junior World Championships years earlier.

In 2006 in Torino she also scored a solid triumph, her lucky charm really was on her side, what lucky charm? Well the Tiara her coach gave her and she wore it on her helmet during the competition, that’s how she earned her other nickname ”Princess”. Sadly that same year she also had surgery after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia, the next year she wasn’t doing so hot, but when the World Cup in France came she totally nailed it and again in Sweden and won the grand slalom in Italy. She finished in third place overall.

Although Jules likes to train in Hawaii she tried South America for a change. In 2008 she ended second in Austria and seventh overall, but that year also Ms. Mancuso got in touch with those less fortunate ones, she raised money by climbing Kilimanjaro for the charity “Right to Play” (helps children), World Wildlife Fund schools and orphanages.

2009 was not her best year, actually her worst, her hip complications were back, but at the 2010 Olympic Games she might surprise you. How do you think she will do?

Some of the sponsors that have joined forces with this U.S Alpine Ski racer are Roxy, Visa, Rip it Chip, Western Nevada Supply, Lange Boots and Rossignol Skis.

Take a look at the photos here and the video below.

Julia Mancuso Pic1Julia Mancuso Pic2Julia Mancuso Pic3Juli Mancuso Pic4

Julia Mancuso Video

Photos: Nikki Nelson/ WENN, Jodi Cortes/ WENN, Doug Meszler/ WENN, www.wenn.com

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