Jessica Lee Lockhart is Chris Jericho’s Wife

February 1, 2010

Jessica Lee Lockhart is the utterly sexy wife of WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, who I have to add is a handsome guy. Keep reading to know more about Jessica, plus photos and video below.

Chris Jericho   Jessica Lee Lockhart

Chris Jericho’s life has always been in the spotlight, for starters being the son of a famous former hockey player Ted Irvine and recently for having been arrested. His life has always been a bit “special”, starting his wrestling at such a young age, winning so many titles and his music career, you might think he could get a little overwhelmed, but Chris found the one person who keeps his feet on the ground, his beautiful and sexy wife Jessica Lee Lockhart.

Jessica’s gorgeous blond hair, amazing blue eyes, incredible body and beautiful facial dimples is what caught this strong guy, but her honesty, passion and humility is what made him fall head over heels for her.

Jessica and Chris allegedly met in high school and they married on June 30, 2000. Three years later on September 24, 2003 they welcomed son Ash Edward Irwin, and three more years later little Ash would become a big bother. His twin sisters Cheyenne Lee Irvine and Sierra Loretta Irvine were born on July 18, 2006, the little twin baby girls were born premature when Jessica was in her 27th week of pregnancy. Cheyenne weighed two pounds, seven ounces and Sierra was two pounds five ounces. Now they are strong, healthy and unstoppable gorgeous blonde girls like their beautiful mother.

Not too long ago we heard some rumors that Chris was allegedly cheating on Jessica based on a Tweet he posted on his twitter account, and they were quickly removed. Before that there were rumors once again that he allegedly was involved with fellow wrestler Kelly Kelly, after some pictures of them at a party showed up on the web, although nothing was confirmed. When they were questioned about it they said that they were just good friends. Jessica Lee Lockhart is still Chris Jericho’s wife.

We think that Jessica Lee Lockhart, Chris Jericho’s wife is HOT! Together they are one of the hottest couples in the WWE, not to mention they have the most gorgeous kids.

Take a look at some photos here plus the Video below.

Chris Jericho   Jessica Lee Lockhart 1Chris Jericho 1 1

Jessica Lee Lockhart Video


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