Caydee Denney: U.S. Olympic Pairs Skater (Photos, Video)

January 29, 2010

The beautiful figure skater Caydee Denney has delighted us in the last years, either skating by herself or with a hot partner. Would you like to know more about Caydee, then keep on reading plus don’t forget to check the photos and video below.

Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett

Caydee’s love for skating actually runs in her veins, both of her parents are former National champion roller skaters. This is how it all began, you see this young skater was born in Ocala, Florida on June 22, 1993. Caydee began skating along with her sister Haven, who is two years younger, in her rollerblades where she won the juvenile singles, it was in 2002 when she switched to ice skates.

She started skating alone at National competitions, her first appearance was in 2004 at the Southwestern Regionals, but she also competed in the National Juvenile competitions with her sister. She met Jeremy Barrett, who was also from Florida and nine years older than Caydee. Jeremy competed in pairs with his sister, but he also used to skate with Shantel Jordan

Since that time she and Jeremy teamed up to compete in skate pairs, together they skated at a couple of competitions  such as the Liberty Open. But Caydee and her family moved to Colorado so they could upgrade her skating by the hand of former figure skater Tom Zakrajsek (he was named PSA Coach of the year last year).

When Caydee got back to Florida two years later, (Caydee and Jeremy) teamed again, skating in Germany at the Nebelhorn Trophy. At the 2009 U.S Championships (Cleveland) although nobody know them, these two surprised everyone. They won the silver and ranked in sixth place, fourth at NHK Trophy in Japan, fifth at Skate Canada international and won at the 2010 U.S Championships at Spokane, Washington. After a great year and their win in Washington, these young skaters made it on the Olympic Team and  won the ticket to represent the United States at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. Their current coach is Jim Peterson.

Caydee, outside the ice rink, is a normal sixteen year old lady who studies at Blueridge Academy in Wesley Chapel. She dreams about becoming an Olympic Champion and becoming a future Dental Hygienist.

Take a look at the Video Below.

Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett Video

Photos: David W. Carmichael

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