Kobe Bryant’s Nike Ad: “Prepare for Combat”

January 30, 2010

Have you  seen our favorite basketball player L.A Lakers’ Kobe Bryant recently? You probably have, but how about his latest Nike Ad Campaign? Well I have the story behind these interesting pictures. Keep reading plus photos and video below.

Kobe Bryant Pic1

Nike has just released the new photos of its latest campaign named “Prepare for Combat”, featuring Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

On Kobe’s ad, on the side it written “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games. I don’t leave them in the Chamber.” and on Lebron’s ad, “Opposing Teams don’t realize I was a football player first. I can take those hits and give a few back too.” The ads were published in last week’s edition of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Although the ads looks great, the timing is just terrible. Although Lebron’s ad does not really give any reference to guns, Kobe’s kind of does.

Bad timing because of the whole Gilbert Arenas and Jaravis Crittenton situation and suspension from the Washington Wizards after both of them pleaded guilty. In Gilbert’s case, he had a felony weapons charge and with Javaris he pleaded guilty to one of two  misdemeanor (Possession of a firearm, Carrying the firearm without permit).

The NBA, of course, is none too happy about the pics, saying:

"We had no prior notice of this ad. We think it is inappropriate."

Meanwhile Nike responded:

"The Nike print ad featuring Kobe Bryant was intended to illustrate his all out play and commitment on the basketball court. It is a commonly used reference for shooting the basketball and no offense was intended."

It is really a shame that the ads are making people angry, I mean putting aside this whole Arenas- Crittenton issue, but the pictures are great, both of them look terrific, but indeed it was not the time to convey these kind of messages.

Take a look at the photos and video Below.

LeBron James Pic1Gilbert Arenas Pic 1


Kobe Bryant’s Nike Ad “Prepare For Combat” Video


Photos: Apega/ WENN, D. Salters/ WENN, Carrie Devorah/ WENN, www.WENN.com

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