Rey Maualuga, Cincinnati Bengals Star – DUI Arrest

January 30, 2010

Rey Maualuga, Bengals linebacker, was arrested Thursday night on DUI and careless driving charges in Kentucky. Rey allegedly told the police he had consumed “six Captain and Coke drinks” that night and had crashed his Pontiac into two parked cars in the early hours of the morning.

Rey Maualuga

Maualuga broke his ankle at the end of 2009 and was placed on injured reserve. It looks like the extra time off may have gone to Rey’s head… the police report says Maualuga blew a 0.157 which is almost double the legal limit in Kentucky!

It’s unknown what the repercussions will be from both the Bengals and the NFL Commissioner. Unlike many young players, Maualuga has a clean track record through his career at USC and since joining the Bengals in 2009. Luckily, the commissioner has his hands full currently with the super bowl and the pro bowl in the coming weeks.

As far as his legal punishment, it’s really tough to say. Just recently, we saw Donte Stallworth get 30 days in jail for a DUI manslaughter charge which he plead guilty to. A charge which can carry up to 15 years imprisonment! So it’s been shown that a good lawyer can get good results for those with the means to hire them.

I don’t think Rey will be able to get the sentence reduced to reckless driving after blowing a 0.157 and admitting to having 6 drinks, but I do think he should be able to get the minimums and easily pay off his community service hours at the least. (Most states give a convict the option of paying money instead of working community service hours).

Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to Rey and he can get back to the straight and narrow after this all blows over!

Do you think Rey should get a harsh sentence for his alleged crime?

Check out a video of Maualuga laying a crazy hit on Aaron Rogers below!

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