Is Elaine Spottswood Alex Rodriguez’ Girlfriend ?(Photos, Video)

January 29, 2010

Some people were delighted by the relationship between Alex Rodriquez and Kate Hudson while some others were not, that is in the past though. Who is dating Alex Rodriguez now? I have all the details of Alex Rodriguez’ alleged new girlfriend  right here, as well as photos.

Elaine  Spottswood 1

The New York Yankee is no longer dating Kate Hudson and I have to add that their breakup was a friendly one, their relationship started in May of 2008, and they followed each other anywhere their careers allowed them to.

On December 2009 news about their split were in the media, but sources also said that they are still good friends.

Some sources started commenting about Alex allegedly already moving on from  his breakup with Kate; last December our dear Yankee was spotted with a gorgeous blond relaxing in the sun on a yacht. Before that they saw them in Coral Gables, but who is this blond hottie?

Her name is Elaine Spottswood, she is 25, well almost 26 next month and she is a model. Elaine is from Key West where her  family has companies in Real Estate, Marinas, Hospitality, Time Shares, Banks, Broadcasting and all of them that have their last name associated with it.

The stereotype that models are not smart do not apply to Elaine whatsoever, she has proven them wrong. Elaine went to Key West High School where she graduated in 2002, later she went to college at the University of Florida were she studied  Advertising and Business Administration. At this moment she is a Design Consultant in the Spottswood Companies and also joined Howard Ecker + Company in Miami.

So you see, A- Rod doesn’t just go for the looks, Kate was incredible and smart and Elaine is really stunning, a hard worker, and really clever as well.

Congratulations to the new gorgeous couple!! I guess we will be seeing Elaine at the baseball field.

Take a look at some photos below.

Alex Rodriguez Pic1Elaine  Spottswood 1 2Alex Rodriguez Pic2

Photos: Jeff Daily/WENN, WENN,

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