Ski Racer Bode Miller: Tennis Player (Video, Photos)

January 27, 2010

Ski Racer Bode Miller is for sure getting ready for this 2010 Winter Olympics, he certainly is rockin’ in the World Cup, but his future plans are no longer in a cold scenario. What’ss going on in Bode Miller’s mind now? What would you like to know about his future professional career? What about his early years? Girlfriends? Keep reading below to find out more, plus check out some photos and video below.

Bode Miller pic

Alpine Ski Racer champion Bode Miller didn’t see much action last year, but for sure good luck is on his side this year, he won a few weeks ago at the Word Cup. Now Bode Miller’s future plans for his professional career is pointing to Tennis.

He did play some baseball with the Canadian Baseball Team Nashua Pride and tennis in high school, and yes his grandparents owned a tennis camp, but Bode would like to try his luck at the U.S Open.
A natural born athlete you might call him, ever since he was a child he played soccer and tennis, his skiing skills also were with him since he was raised in one of New Hampshire’s ski regions, but he mastered his skiing at the Carrabasset Valley Academy.

In 2001 he won the World Cup, Silver medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics. In the next Winter Olympics the gold and Silver (Switzerland), doing the same in 2004.

In 2005 he won the World Cup title, and the next year he didn’t do so well – he finished fifth in the Winter Olympics, but won in the U.S National Championships. In 2007 he left the U.S Ski Team and  created the Team America, as an independent athlete he won for the second time the 2008 World Cup title .

2009 was perhaps the worst year in his professional career, he didn’t win any competitions and ended up with a ankle injury, that left him pretty much out, he was so disappointed that he commented something about possible retirement. Even though he is doing great in this year’s World Cup he said he will hit on Tennis afterwards.

Important facts about Bode Miller.

  • Bode was born in Easton, New Hampshire on  October 12, 1977.
  • He has two sisters Kyla and Genesis, and Brother Nathaniel.
  • His parents were considered kind of hippies, lived in a wood-made cabin at the top of a mountain.
  • Bode has an autobiography book called “Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun”
  • “Flying Downhill” is his biography film.
  • He has used skis by  Fischer, Rossignol, Atomic and Head.
  • He has been featured in video games for Windows, Playstation.
  • His Daughter Nessyn Dacey will be two next month (he has never revealed Nessyn mother’s name)
  • Among his former girlfriends are Susie Abromelt, Lizzie Hoeschler, Claudia Toth, Karen Sherris (Now with fellow skier Eric Guay), Morgan Keneddy and Marthe Gausen.
  • His alleged current Girlfriend is model Amanda French.
  • Take a look at some photos here plus the Video below.

    Bode Miller Pic1Bode Miller pic2Bode Miller pic3

    Bode Miller Video.

    Photos: Thebudman623, Jansky, Daniel Warren/ WENN, Nikki Nelson/ WENN

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