Brittany Favre is Brett Favre’s Daughter

January 25, 2010

Brittany Favre is the older daughter of Minnesota Vikings’ Quarterback Brett Favre and Deanna Tynes Favre. Would you like to know more about Brittany? Then keep reading plus check the photos and video below.

Brittany Favre and her Family

As you know Brittany is the daughter of Brett Favre and Deanna Favre, as Brittany recalled her parents met when they were 7th graders in Kiln, Mississippi and started dating until they were in high school.

Her mother got pregnant with Brittany at age 20, they were not married yet, but on February 6, 1989 Brittany Nicole Favre was born and her parents eventually married on July 12, 1996.

Three years later on July 13, her little sister Breleigh Ann was born. When her father signed with Green Bay she moved along with her parents, so for first grade she went there, but later went to school at Oak Grove High school in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Brittany and Deanne are very close, perhaps it is because during Brett’s period with Green Bay he was never around, so mother and daughter did all sorts of things like eating out and going to the movies by themselves. When her father got sober they became really close as well, in fact she was the one who helped make up his mind about getting back to football after he announced his retirement.

She enjoyed playing Volleyball and Basketball, and was a good volleyball payer in high school. After she graduated she went to College of Charleston, South Carolina. Brittany loves to listen to music, read, and write poems (she started writing since a very young age).

"She would bring me something, and I’d ask her where she got it," said Deanna Favre. "I thought she copied it. When I realized she wrote it, I thought, ‘My gosh, this is incredible.’"

Before  Charleston she was considering Duke, but eventually the cozy, small and incredible campus was what got her.

At Charleston, Brittany is studying journalism, something that she loves; while at school she was an intern at Time Warner Magazine, a career she will continue to pursue after college.

Besides her studies, Brittany helped her parents with their foundation, The Deanna Favre Foundation, remember that Deanna is a cancer survivor. Brittany loves to cheer her famous father on at his games and every time she travels to Wisconsin enjoys her parents’ favorite chili at their own Brett Favre’s Steakhouse.

Brittany is a beautiful young woman, who would expect less of Brittany, her Mother Deanna is stunning and her father is totally handsome.

Brittany Favre and her Family 1Brittany Favre parent Brett and Deanna Favre

Take a look at the photos here, I couldn’t find any video of Brittany alone, but I found this lovely one where you can see pictures of Brittany and her family.

Brittany family Video.


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