Amy Mickelson is Phil’s Hot Wife (Photos)

May 20, 2009

Meet Amy Mickelson, the hottie wife of golfer Phil Mickelson. See photos and a biography of Amy below.

amy mickelson

It is true what they say….behind every good golfer is an incredible supportive wife. For Phil Mickelson, the lucky Sun Devil has his beautiful wife Amy by his side.

Amy and Phil Mickelson have been together since 1992, after having met at Arizona State University. They were married on November 16, 1996. They have three children – Amanda, Sophia and Evan.

This hottie golf wife still looks gorgeous after having three children, and most of the pictures that you see all over the net are of her attending Phil’s golf tournaments with their three children in tow.

The birth of their son Evan in 2003 was not a picture perfect event for the Mickelson family. What seemed to be a routine birth turned into a nightmare for the Mickelson family, as Evan was not breathing when he came into the world and Amy was in a far worse condition. She had suffered a tear in her uterus during the delivery and was losing a lot of blood. She went into shock. They feared she wouldn’t make it. In fact, Phil had overheard nurses saying that it was so sad that his children would grow up without a mother. Luckily, a specialist had arrived at the hospital and Amy was rushed into surgery. She was on the mend, and so was Evan, who began breathing seven minutes after he was born. Both Amy and Evan have not had any serious side effects from their ordeal. The traumatic event in their lives gave Amy and Phil a new perspective in their life together. It was the beginning of better things to come.

Update: As an update to this original story from 2007, Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with cancer in May 2009. Our prayers are with her, Phil, and the entire beautiful family.

More photos of Amy Mickelson are below.

amy mickelson1 amy mickelson2 amy mickelson3 amy mickelson4 amy mickelson5 amy mickelson6

More pictures of Amy Mickelson are here!

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23 Responses to “Amy Mickelson is Phil’s Hot Wife (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    d.jordan Says:

    best of luck on your surgery. I’m praying for you

  2. 2
    pmillis Says:

    My wife is a 9 year survivor, you can beat this to. If you or your husband ever need to pray with someone or just talk you have my email and it doesnt bother me that your husbands #2, you are just another survivor fighting the same fight. We will be praying for you and if you don’t mind we will put your name on our shirts when we run the Susan Komen race next month. Pray

  3. 3
    Lee Stedman Says:

    Amy, I am a 13 year survivor. You may want to think about having both breasts removed. I did and am so glad. Also, you can have expandable implants done at the time of your mastectomy (ies). That makes for 1 less surgery. May God watch over you and bless your family and your surgeon.

  4. 4
    Lyndsay Says:

    Amy, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and strong- you are a survivor!

  5. 5
    Nancy Says:

    I was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer, had my surgery and just started chemo.
    My husband is a golf professional also. The news turns your world upside down, but you must keep a postive attitude to get through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

  6. 6
    jb walters Says:

    Phil, my wife is a 15 year survior of breast cancer, it was the hardest thing we’ve been through in 43 years of marraige….but she is totally cured & Amy will be also. I’ll be praying for Amy, you & your family. God is good!!!

  7. 7
    Linda Arthur Says:

    You will get through this! It isn’t easy – but you will win! Stay strong!

  8. 8
    Don Shirey Says:

    Phil, my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1971. We had four kids, the oldest 12, the youngest 3. You will indeed need to support Amy in all the decisions ahead. You will spend agonizing moments and sleepless nights. You will walk the floor and wonder, WHY? You will need to also focus on the children. My wife has been cancer free for 38 years. Her doctor was told by the “experts” then, sew her up the chances are rare for survival.. He did drastic chemo followed by 6 weeks of radiation. You will need all the strength and courage you can muster. This may well be the hardest challenge you will ever face.
    With much prayer, faith and understanding, you and Amy will survive. Hang tough, do not give in and hug your kids close to you. My God be with you.
    Don, a fan

  9. 9
    Dixie Armstrong Says:

    Amy and Phil, shocked to hear the news, but please know many of us will be praying for you both.

  10. 10
    Jacquie Says:

    Amy, Phil & family – saying a prayer for you all. Keep faith & love close & with Gods grace miracles happen.

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