Rafael Nadal’s Marriage Proposal by Fan (Video)

January 23, 2010

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal already has a gorgeous girlfriend, but that didn’t stop a fan from giving Rafael a chance for other opportunities. Keep reading to know all the details about this news, plus photo and the video Below.

Spanish Tennis Player Rafael Nadal

The Australian Open is full of the World’s greatest players, celebrities and fans. When it comes to players we can witness many important, revealing, outrageous and particular things like for example Maria Sharapova’s not so flattering dress, and subsequently out of the tournament, Venus Williams’ revealing sportswear, Argentine player Gisela Bulko also is out of Aussie tournament, and that sad event happening to a ballboy, Kim Clijsters lost a Prince William appearance and a lot more that are too many to mention here.

What we can really get into is the game between Rafael Nadal and Lucas Lacko, well the game was on fire, Nadal was winning in previous sets and then in one moment of silence a fervent fan of Rafael’s shouted “Rafael will you marry me”.

At first it looks like he didn’t get what she shouted, later he couldn’t help but smile,  the entire audience laughed as well, but Nadal, as professional as he is, got back on his game.

We really don’t know if his girlfriend  Xisca Perello was there, but we don’t think this marriage proposal will be taken by Xisca in a bad way, probably isss this kind of thing the ones she is already used to and might as well laugh, maybe it was the first time in that kind of event, she probably knows it won’t be the last.

Rafael Nadal and Xisca have been dating since 2006, and are one the most stable and solid couples in the Tennis World.

Take a look at some great photos of Rafael Nadal and you  can also see the Marriage proposal video below.

Rafael Nadal at Hurlingham Club 1Rafael Nadal playing against Monfils 1Rafael Nadal in a press conference

 Rafael Nadal Marriage Proposal Video

Photos": HRC/ WENN, WENN, www.WENN.com

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