David Beckham Photo Grabbed by Reporter (Video)

January 23, 2010

What is the latest news about AC Milan’s Hottie? Did he strip again? Get another tattoo? Did someone grab his you know what in public and was Victoria with him? All the details about David Beckham’s manly goods grabbed by a reporter is here. Keep reading and check out the photos and the video below.

British hottie David Beckham

British soccer player for AC Milan David Beckham might have been replaced with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Armani men’s underwear campaign, but that doesn’t mean people from all over are no longer interested in the amazing body. This soccer player, perhaps you heard it said that in the pictures of David his noble parts in the Armani ads look, let me think about how can I say this…. well  huge, and that maybe he had put something inside his undies, in consequence all sorts of pictures of him at the beach or in his L.A Galaxy shorts,  or just anywhere  David’s worldness might be even a little visible wherever you look. This is not a good excuse but might be what probably made this Italian reporter check for herself once and for all, for all the fans’ sake, is David’s bulge as big as it looks, ha!

Poor David never saw this one coming, probably no one did either, that in the middle of an interview surrounded by photographers, fans and other reporters you can get sort of physically abused. The weird part is that the reporter wore a plastic glove to grope David’s wooty. I mean let’s clear something up, David Beckham always looks very neat, handsome and elegant even in his sportswear, why would she do that? That glove wouldn’t help in getting the right info if she was searching for proportions, after the Italian reporter did her research she said “that she touched it and that it was small” I blame the Glove!!!

We don’t know If David or Victoria can take legal action about this incident, that cannot really be considered as a good joke, in fact it’s disrespectful and very offensive, but meanwhile you can take a look at the Photos here and the video below when David was interviewed by the reporters and later his thing grabbed, sorry that it is in Italian but it is the only one we found.

David Beckham adjusting himselfDavid Beckham at LADavid V BeckhamDavid In London.

David Beckham

Photos: /Matthew Melvin/WENN, Ben /Melvin/WENN, WENN, www.WENN.com

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