Conan O’Brien’s Washington Generals’ Offer

January 24, 2010

Our favorite late night red haired host Conan O’Brien has left NBC, perhaps with a great deal of money, probably leaving was not in his plans, which leaves a whole list of future opportunities for Conan to keep doing what he knows best with other television networks, but have we heard recently about certain other offers? Are there any athletic activity involved? Will Conan accept? Who sends this offer to Conan? Keep reading to find out more about the latest on Conan O’Brien’s recent job offer, plus photos and video below.

Former NBC Late Night Host Conan O  Brien

Late Night host Conan O’Brien is well known for his out of this world sense of humor, original shows, height and certainly for his hair. In latest news we heard about Jay Leno taking over Conan’s show, then we heard him making some “Comments “ about NBC, and when he was prohibited to continue with his NBC ‘”Comments” he found a way to tell them in another language, because that way was not in the contract. Then we heard that Conan’s last show was on Friday January 22, and he will leave NBC after too many years.

But that definitely is not the end for his amazing red head; we heard about Conan getting offers already, one in particular called our attention and it was the offer  made by the President of the Washington Generals.

Yes you heard right!! The American Basketball Exhibition Team, The Washington Generals want Conan to join them. In fact their president Louis ”Red” Klotz sent him an offer and this offer included Andy Richter.

You might think this is another joke of Conan’s, but it is actually true!! The letter is authentic, sent from one red head to another as Mr. Klotz said in one part of the document.

We haven’t heard if Conan and Andy are actually considering this offer in their future plans, but it is one of many that Conan will be getting.

In the offer Mr. Klotz made the invitation to both of them about joining the Washington Generals for the rest of this year’s tour, the offer suggested that Conan can choose between L.A and N.Y as well as making Andy part of the deal or if he prefers leaving him out.

Take a look at some hilarious videos below.

Conan O’Brien Video

Washington Generals Video

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