Joe Bryant is Kobe Bryant’s Father (Photos, Video)

January 20, 2010

Joe Bryant is not just the father of our favorite basketball star Kobe Bryant, but his career goes beyond that. Would you like to know a bit more about him? When did Joe start playing? What teams did he play with? Who did he get married to? What’s going on with his life after he retired? Why is he being sued? All you want to know about Kobe Bryant’s father Joe Bryant is here, just keep reading plus photos and video below.

Joe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s Father Joe Bryant was born Joseph Washington Bryant on October 19, 1954 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Joe “Jellybean” Bryant went to La Salle University in 1975 was drafted by the Golden Sate Warriors, but chose the Philadelphia 76ers where he played until 1978.

He played since 1979 until 1982 with the San Diego Clippers, and in 1983 with the Houston Rockets, before he headed to Italy where he joined Italian A1 and A2 for seven seasons.

During 1984- 1991  he played for Italian teams like Sebastian Rieti, Reggio Calabria, Pistoia and Reggio Emillia. Before officially retiring and at that time in his 50’s, he coached and  played with the Boston Frenzy for the American Basketball Association.

His passion for sports took him in 1992 to Akiba Hebrew Academy, a woman’s varsity team as their head coach In Lower Merion; but in 1993 he reunited with his beloved La Salle University as an assistant coach. In 2003 he coached the slamball team called The Diablos.

In 2005 Penny Toler called Joe to once again coach a woman’s team, this time with Los Angeles Sparks whose other coach was Joe Bryant’s former Philadelphia 76ers teammate Henry Bibby. Bryant was replaced by Michael Cooper in 2007.

During 2007-08 Joe Bryant traveled to Japan to coach The Tokyo Apache Team . Later he was replaced by Motofumi Aoki. In 2009 he returned to Italy to coach Solsonica Rieti.

In recent news we heard that Kobe Bryant’s father Joe Bryant is being sued by the lawyers who represented him when he was fired by the Los Angeles Sparks. Russ August & Kabat is the Law firm that is suing Bryant for not paying them approximately  $76,000 for the work they did for him.

Bryant married Pamela Cox (Chubby Cox’s sister) and had three children Sharia and Shaya and son Kobe.

Take a look at the photos here and the video Below.

Joe Bryant 1Joe Bryant  s famous son kobe Bryant

Joe Bryant Video.

Photos:WENN/ Lucy Pemoni, WENN,

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    Jimmy Alvarez Says:

    Dear J.W, you did a great Job raising my good Buddy Koby, even though you weren’t speaking for a while? Koby’s girls Birthday’s are all this month, are you in town Jelly Bean? I pray that your Son stay’s with his Wife for life, just like I’ll be a Laker fan for life!Some day I’ll probably meet your famous son, maybe after another Championship? but I know he has your Heart that’s why I am writing to you and not him so next time you see him you can tell him, K this mexican guy from La Puente, CA said you have my Heart and he’ll know what I’m taking about. “Koby had it made when he was with Shaq, it got harder this around but it’s O.K. cause I will alway’s be his fan of KOBY’s no matter what happens. Thanks J.W for listening to my words that came directly from my Heart!
    Sincerely KOBY & Ness fan for life……James Alvarez!