Brett Favre Kicks Tony Romo To The Curb

January 18, 2010

The season is over for the Dallas Cowboys. On Sunday, January 17th the Minnesota Vikings beat the Cowboys 34-3 in a game that will be discussed over many a pool table for weeks to come. The Cowboys are pissed that the Vikings continued to score points after it was unlikely the Cowboys would ever come close to winning.

Tony Romo must be throwing up today. Brett Favre is an old man in football years and does anyone else know that Favre is Tony’s hero?

So will Dallas fans blame Jessica Simpson again, er, I mean Candace Crawford, Tony’s girlfriend, for Tony’s inability to get past his self inflicted destruction or do we blame the hero Brett Favre?

Poor little Jessica Simpson is no longer the little whipping boy of this franchise. Tony Romo’s new girlfriend Candace Crawford doesn’t seem to incur as much wrath as Ms. Simpson did last season. She does seem savvier than Jessica about letting her man shine and keeping her opinions to herself. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jessica and her dumb blonde antics. She is always amusing to watch and I will readily admit she makes me laugh. It was like watching a car accident in slow motion during the 2008 football season. I was so glad when they broke up; I could not take any more stories about how Jessica was ruining the big, bad, quarterback. He wasn’t that good to begin with!

Some say Tony Romo worshiped Brett Favre as a kid. While some boys had Heather Locklear on their wall; Tony had Brett Favre. Looking deep into Brett’s blue eyes secretly hoping Brett would impart words of wisdom to a young boy dreaming of succeeding as an NFL player.

Oh, the foolishness of youth. Tony did not expect his hero to spank him on national television.

Tony needs to reevaluate the way he plays and become more accurate in his throwing, learn the plays better and for goodness sakes, stop dating during the football season!

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