Amanda Evora: U.S. Olympic Pairs Skater

January 17, 2010

Amanda Evora is a United States runner up, with pairs partner Mark Ladwig, and heading to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This Olympic figure skater has a bit of a complicated work and romantic life. See photos and video below.

Amanda Evora

With the Winter Olympics fast approaching, it was time to finalize the U.S. figure skating participants. The U.S. National Championships this past weekend started out rocky for some and ended up with two entangled Florida pairs heading to the Olympics. Evora & Ladwig, along with training partners (and maybe more…wink, wink) Denney & Barrett, will head to Canada next month. Read more about her interesting biography and see a video below.

Now that we know what this competitor is up to, let’s look at who she is. Amanda was born on November 17, 1984 in New York City. At age 25, she now trains and goes to school in the southern Tampa Bay area.

The two Olympic hopeful pairs are very linked, as they train in the same place and have the same coach. But if that’s not twisted enough, Evora has been dating rival Jeremy for 5 years, and the couple now lives together. She’s not worried about competing against him as she said she’s done it for years and they know when it’s work and when it’s play! She also described how it may sound complicated, but that the foursome have found a good balance.

“We’ve learned our boundaries for each other, when to be there for each other, when not to be,’’ Evora said. “Personal is personal, and business is business. So it makes complete sense in my mind. I know it seems kind of odd to a lot of people.’’

Sounds a little fishy to me, but I guess their love life isn’t up to me! Not a lot is know about this athlete, but I am sure as the Olympics go on we will hear much more from her and about how these pairs interact!

Watch a recent video plus photos of Amanda Evora and her teammate below.

Amanda Evora

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