Skip Holtz USF football coach?

January 15, 2010

After the dramatic exit of Jim Leavitt, everyone wondered who would take over his established USF football program. All questions were silenced today when the University of South Florida announced Skip Holtz will be the new head football coach. See all the details below.

The program has only had one coach in their 14 year history, so you can understand why the whole Tampa Bay community felt involved and keenly interested in the man that would reign over the BCS Big East Conference football team going forward. Rumors flew around about potential candidates, but the true decision has been made and announced.

This whole fiasco started about a month ago when Joel Miller, USF student and football player, reported that Leavitt grabbed him and hit him. The coach denied it and that started a 3 week investigation, and at the conclusion the university decided that his actions did indeed warrant his termination. And though he denied it, which apparently bothered Miller the most, USF stands behind their decision.

We all knew Jim had high intensity, maybe too much, but he definitely built up this program, and I personally feel it is very important to have the right fit for the Bulls football coach. Names were flying around from all over the place. Tommy Tuberville, from Auburn, however went to Texas Tech. Tony Dungy likes USF but wasn’t interested in the gig. Then we hear about Skip Holtz, son of well known announcer Lou Holtz.

Well, it seems like the latter fits best with where the team is and where they want to go. I have to say I tentatively agree. He is experienced with other teams in our conference, he is used to the state of Florida, and if he has just some of his father’s talents or smarts, I think it could be a beautiful match! His first job requirement, though, is no hitting players!

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