Kate Gosselin’s New Man (Photos)

January 16, 2010

Is the star of Jon & Kate Plus Eight’s moving on? Who is Kate Gosselin’s New Man? Does Jon already know about this? What about her kids? Keep reading to know all about this interesting news, plus photos and video below.

New TLC Reality star Kate Gosselin

Well the pictures of a happy Kate Gosselin are all over, but what’s going on in Kate’s life? We already know about her new hair, I have to say that those extensions look really good on her, we also know about her new reality show; now I know it’s a new year, new beginning, new look, new show and a new Man?

Pictures of Kate walking along with a young and kind of cute guy have been published everywhere, more pictures of Kate and the mystery guy having lunch at Kate’s favorite restaurant are also everywhere, but the real question is who is this mystery guy?

Even Jon might be asking the same question while he is having a blast in the snow with his new girlfriend Morgan Christie. Well you see Kate Gosselin’s mystery man is her hairdresser from the Ted Gibson Salon and friend Ronnie Peterson. And about her kids knowing about him, probably they do, maybe Ronnie helped put the hair extension on their famous mom.

So the answers have been revealed, everything mentioned above are true except for the new man, perhaps a new hairdresser that makes her look even more stunning than she already is.

Maybe for Kate it is going to take a while to think about moving on, the truth is for the moment Kate is focusing on her eight incredible and gorgeous kids, her new reality show that promises to bring a new Kate, but equally cool as the one we remember, and we can’t wait to see her, I think that everybody misses her, too bad her plus eight won’t be joining Kate.

Kate Gosselin In NY 1Kate Gosselin outside Larry King

Take a look at some photos here and one of Kate’s videos.

Kate Gosselin Video

Photos: JDH/WENN, WENN, www.WENN.com.

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