Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads Campaign (Video, Photos)

January 13, 2010

Along with Megan Fox, actress in the Transformers film, Here comes Real Madrid Striker Cristiano Ronaldo. Keep reading to know all the sexy details of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Armani Ads Campaign, plus photos and Video below.

Armani Spokesperson Cristiano Ronaldo

Like Megan, we heard the news that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the new spokesperson for Armani replacing fellow soccer player David Beckham in the new 2010 Emporio Armani Men’s Underwear and Armani Jeans Campaign, actually we heard the buzz in October.

Now we can delight our eyes with the utterly hot pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo in the New Armani Campaign. At this time there are only three pictures of the 24 year old Portuguese soccer player, in every single picture his amazing near perfect body looks beyond description, I mean you have to see it for yourself, Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads photos are just pieces of art. Meanwhile comments all over are saying that the pictures seem definitely airbrushed, others are thanking God for giving them Cristiano Ronaldo. The possibility of improving the photos by airbrushing them might be true, for one reason Megan Fox is the most or one of the most beautiful woman in the world, every picture you see of her is incredible, I mean the girl has no flaws and no her thumbs do not count as one. So in conclusion airbrushed or not the photos of Cristiano are out and they are unbelievable and did I mention Hooooooooot!!

Either way like Megan Fox in the ads, Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads will be a total success for the famous Italian designer, who also had a marvelous campaign since 2008 with David and Victoria Beckham, only that unlike the Beckhams this time  the new spokespersons will not be appearing in any picture for the Campaign together.

Cristiano Ronaldo at the presentation on his Book. 1Cristiano Ronaldo While playing for Manchester united 1Manchester united player Cristiano Ronaldo 1Cristiano Ronaldo at AS Newspaper Sports Awards

Take a look at some Photos here plus the Video Below.


Cristiano Ronaldo Armani Ads Video.

Photos: Sean Thorton/ WENN, Brengola-Diena/ WENN, WENN,

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