Vanessa Lopez Is Shaquille O’Neal’s Mistress and Accuser (Video)

January 13, 2010

Sexual harassment accusations have been filed against NBA Player of the Cleveland Cavaliers Shaquille O’Neal by model Vanessa Lopez, But who is she? Has she been related to other celebrities? NBA Players? How long had she and Shaq been related? All the answers for all of your questions are here, just keep reading, plus check out Shaquille O’Neal’s Mistress (alleged) and accuser Vanessa Lopez video below.

Cleveland Cavaliers Shaquille O  Neal

Just recently we heard about Shaq being Accused of sexual harassment by Model Vanessa Lopez.

Let’s begin. Vanessa Lopez has a degree in forensic science, she started modeling when she was 23 years old for Hawaiian Tropic and Universal Studios to name a few. Vanessa put her career aside to take care of her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Vanessa met Shaquille O’Neal and his family when she was 14 years old in fact she went to school with his sisters and brother, but saw him again years later (2004) and when he allegedly tried to make a move on her she told him that she knew he was married, to that Shaq answered that his marriage with wife Shaunie was allegedly sort of for good publicity and for their kids, and they have an open marriage, so Vanessa and Shaq started dating for the next five years. While dating in September, 2009 she told Shaquille she was suspicious that she might be pregnant, and that news was something that Shaq wasn’t expecting, (sources have been saying that Shaq told Vanessa he wasn’t the father of her baby) but we don’t know for sure what was his reaction or comment just that because of that Vanessa tried to end her relationship with Shaq, who didn’t let her do it and in conclusion started to harass Vanessa, or so says Vanessa’s attorney Gloria Allred.

"My life has changed so much because of what I had to endure since [September]," Lopez said at a Los Angeles news conference. "I fear that someone is after me."

Vanessa Lopez’s romantic History with NBA players does not begin with Shaq, actually there are certain police reports where Vanessa Lopez accused NBA players like Delonte West from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2006. Delonte was waiting for another female friend in his hotel room when Vanessa showed up and got angry when Delonte told her to leave. Later in 2007 Vanessa got involved with Kenyon Martin from the Cleveland Cavaliers, during their alleged torrid affair she stole his credit card and spent a lot of $$$ without his consent. All of these relationships took place in the same period of time Vanessa was with Shaquille O’Neal.

Take a look at  the Video Below.

Vanessa Lopez Video

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