Tiger: Free Cadillacs No More!

January 13, 2010

Tiger! Free Cadillacs and SUV’s you get as a perk from GM? Um, nope, ain’t gonna happen anymore! Read more about the story plus see photos and video below.

Tiger Woods

More bad news for Tiger. Free Cadillacs and other vehicles that the golfer has had access to for his personal use thanks to GM will no longer be a perk for Tiger.

Tiger’s contract with Buick did end in 2008, but he has been able to keep many of the vehicles, including the infamous Cadillac Escalade he crashed on November 27th. Dayna Hart, a spokeswoman for Buick, said that the agreement Tiger had with the company regarding his obtaining new vehicles even after his contract expired came to an end on December 31st. It was agreed upon before Tiger’s admitted ‘transgressions’. Hmmm. Okay.

Reportedly all of the vehicles that Tiger has kept for his personal use have since been returned to GM. And what about that Cadillac Escalade that he crashed? It will be fixed and sold. I wonder just how much that one will sell for?

This news comes on the heels of AT & T and Accenture recently severing ties with the golfer, but Big Daddy Nike is still standing by their man, even though Elin reportedly is not.

Just where is Tiger right now? Sources claim that he did in fact check into a Sex Rehab clinic – The Meadows, in Wickenburg, AZ around New Year’s Eve for ‘sexual compulsion’. (Note to self: Must take that two hour drive out to Wickenburg and get that elusive $300,000 pic of him, heh heh).

Meanwhile, his wife Elin was seen back in Orlando with the kiddos, and renting a five bedroom mansion just three miles away from the home she shared with Tiger. Check out pictures of the sprawling mans here. Niiice!

So that’s just the latest on Tiger. Free Cadillacs ended on December 31st. Checked into Sex Rehab. What’s going to happen next? Leave me your thoughts. Check out some photos plus video below.

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods Tiger Woods 01

Photos: Judy Eddy / WENN.com, Carrie Devorah / WENN, Daniel Deme / WENN, www.wenn.com

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